Marie Keane - Russian DollAbout Marie Keane

The Music

Marie is a singer-songwriter with idealistic themes, heavily influenced by environmental protection and shifting societal paradigms. She cherishes the mundane, explores the profane and celebrates the individuation of existence.

This eclectic mix of folk blues rock is infused with subtle classical and traditional undertones. It leads the soul to move within the imagination.

Her voice is a piped piper to the poetry of her words. Although sometimes melancholy permeates the tone it can thrust the listener to a plain of optimism. Its’illustration serves to carry hope.

The Background

Hailing from a plush musical upbringing, for over 15 years Marie has performed in various blues, soul, jazz, motown and skamusical ensembles. Highlights include a residency at the Late Night Gaiety, mainstage at the Metropole in the Cork Jazz Festival and opening the Sculpture in Context Exhibition performing an original composition, the first song on her inaugural studio album.

Marie is also the founder of the Harmania Academy of Music Education & Performance and teaches mainly piano, vocals and pre-instrumental classes.

She was awarded Level3 in her training for the Suzuki method in piano and is currently underway to sit her Level 4.

About Marie Keane - Singer / Songwriter / Musician

Her studies in this pedagogy have brought her all over Ireland, Scotland, Spain and Latvia. In September 2016 she received a lifetime opportunity to travel to Japan to observe and receive lessons from some of the most experienced Suzuki piano teachers in Tokyo and Matsumoto.

Aside from her musical endeavours, Marie also holds and a degree in Science from Trinity College Dublinand a post-graduate diploma in Event Management and PR.